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Monday, January 9, 2012

Shamrock Run...or Walk..or the 1km Leprechaun Lap!

It is a New Year and you may have a new resolution.  Come join the Centennial Team for the 2012 Shamrock Run!  The run is on Sunday, March 18th.  You can run, walk or, take the Leprechaun Lap with your little one.  Anyway you want to participate.  Centennial is creating a district wide team including family members, parents, students, friends,  neighbors, acquaintances to create a Super Team.  Just register at Shamrock Run and join team 1010.  If we create a super team of 75 or more adults, $5 per person will be donated to the non-profit or charity of our choice! Your shirt and other swag will be delivered to Ashley Madison at CMS then delivered right to you.   It is a great way to run, walk or simply stroll the streets of downtown with 32,000 other people.  See you there!

Shamrock Run

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