5 minute Activities!!!

Create a food rainbow! The more colorful our fruits and veggies, the more nutritious. Have students try for three colors during lunch!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Who is on your Team?

Do you have questions about wellness programs in your building or around the district?  Check in with your building's representatives or become the rep your self?  Have more questions?  Contact Julie Mack, your friendly neighborhood Wellness Coordinator, for help!

                                    Wellness Committee     WOW Employee Wellness         CRCT

Butler Creek
Reps  TBD
Alicia Ohm

Diane Cervi
Diane Cervi & Lisa Ross

Brandi Hutchinson
Jennifer Knorr

Nancy Finsaas
Nancy Finsaas

Jason Brennan
Sue Rohm


Holly Phillips

Pleasant Valley
Emily Sellin
Lori Bigler
David Scharfenburg
CMS Wellness Team
Kathy Drozd/Vicki Nelson

Lori Carscallen
Tami Burton
Mark Porterfield
Liz Koetje
Liz Koetje


Cindy LaRue

District Office
Rick Larson
Rick Larson/Athena Franklin/James Ownes
Rick Larson



Joe Soulagnet
Dining Services
John Waker

John Waker

Karen Hubbard
Vicki Dettmen
School Board
Rod Boettcher

CHS School Based Health Clinic
Margaret Spurlock

Community Partners
Lynn Ketch
Elizabeth Barth
Lisa James

Welcome Back to the 2016-17 School Year!

It has already been a whirlwind of activity, new ideas, and stress!  As we begin this school year, lets work to keep our calm, cool, collected summer-selves.  The WOW Employee Wellness program is hear to help support all our hard working Centennial Staff and to keep you at your best throughout the school year and whatever it may throw at you! Join us for a physical activity class, a staff challenge or for some tips on stress reduction.  Check in with your WOW building rep for more ideas and resources.  Have an amazing school year Centennial!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It is time for our Spring Activity Challenge: Fire Up Your Feet

The WOW Employee Wellness Committee has partnered with Fire Up Your Feet for our May activity challenge.  

The challenge is open for both Individual Staff and for whole school participation.  All staff can sign up to track their activity May 1- 31st  and the top three will win a fit bit or a massage gift certificates! 

Schools with the top levels of participation for staff and students could win up to $2000 to increase wellness throughout their school!  Staff, students, and families are all invited to join!

What counts for the activity tracking:
· PE class
· BrainBreaks
· Treadmarks
· Jog-A-thons
· walking to school
· weekend activity
· walking your dog
· staff yoga/zumba classes
· walking or running groups
· ANY Activity counts!! Just get up and move!

This is a challenge for both staff and students to log ALL activity both at school and at home for prizes and incentives.  Track for yourself, family, or for a whole group!

How to get started:
1.     Register at http://or.fireupyourfeet.org/
2.     Add groups participants  http://or.fireupyourfeet.org/tracker/activity
3.     Log activity!


Attend an Employee Wellness fitness class with us!!

Check out our Spring 2016 flyer for classes, resources, and your building rep.  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Annual Wellness Policy Assessment and Presention to the School Board

Every year, the Wellness Committee reviews the Wellness Policy implementation across the district.  We identify ares of success and areas that need more resources.  School are working hard to create healthy eating and active living for our students in every building.  Each building has identified a Wellness Focus to work towards.

The assessment data and presentation is attached.  The Wellness Committee would love to share our work with you and hear your feedback and ideas.  Everyone is welcome to attend out Wellness Committee meetings as well.  Our last two meetings this year are on April 27th and May 25th at 3:45-4:45 in the Cascade Room at the District Office.

Healthy Happenings from the WOW Employee Wellness Committee

The February Personal Wellness Challenge has ended and thanks to everyone for participating and taking a minute for your own wellness during your hectic days!  33% of the Centennial Staff participated and a huge shout out to ITC for 100% participation!

Congrats to all the weekly winners as well as our District Winners!
Fit Bit Winner:  Mary Mannen from CHS
Massage Winner: Chelsey Maciag from Parklane

Thanks to all of our Centennial Shamrock Run Team 1010! It was a fun and rainy run!
Challenge Fit bit winner:  Tory Shoff form Parklane

Congrats everyone!!

Our next all staff physical activity challenge will be the May Fire Up Your Feet challenge for both Staff and Students!!  Check out http://or.fireupyourfeet.org/ to register and get set up. 

WOW Class Schedule
Yoga Fit 4-5 pm      (Instructor: Karen)          Starts: Jan.  25th    Upstairs FOX Team Area

 Water Aerobics
CHS Pool
$4 drop in fee
7-8pm (Instructor Ellan)
Gentle Yoga for care-givers  4-5 pm  (Instructor: Caitlin)         Starts: Jan 12th       Music Room

Cross fit:3:30-4:15 CHS Weight Room MUST RSVP
 Water Aerobics
CHS Pool
$4 drop in fee
7-8pm (Instructor Ellan)

Weight Watchers6:30-7:00 am     Community Room

Cross fit:3:30-4:15 CHS Weight Room MUST RSVP
Zumba 4:15-5:15  pm (Instructor: Victoria)  Oliver Gym

Open Basketball              4:15- 6:30   Oliver Gym

Yoga Fit 4-5 pm (Instructor: Karen)  library