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Create a food rainbow! The more colorful our fruits and veggies, the more nutritious. Have students try for three colors during lunch!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Centennial's Resource Committee is Back in Action

The Centennial Resource Committee (CRC) had their first meeting of the school year and lots of exciting Green School Projects are in the works!

CLC has reduced their garbage in half by composting food scraps!  What began as a Pilot Program has turned into a permanent change in their school culture.  Students and staff are composting, recycling and saving.  They have gone from a 2 yard garbage bin to a one yard.  Great work CLC!

Pleasant Valley is having a WildSide work day on October 13 form 9am till noon.  Planting trees and protecting the wetland!

Lynch View made $450 by recycling with TerraCycle.  They are creating a garden space and are thinking about school composting also!  LV was also just awarded Premier Green School Status!  

Are you interested in applying for some Green School Start up grant funds?  Contact julie_mack@centenail.k12.or.us and she will get you an application. 

CRC Meeting Dates for 2012-13:
November 20
January 22
March 19
May 21
all meetings are on a Tuesday at 3:45 in the District Office Board Room

Centennial current Green School Status:

School                        Certification Level           Expiration Date

Butler Creek                                                                               Expired
Oliver Elementary                                                                      Expired as HOI
Parklane Elementary                    Premier                                 Expired as HOP
Lynch Meadows                           Entry                                   January 2013
Lynch View                                  Premier                                             
Lynch Wood                                                                                      Expired
Pleasant Valley                             Entry                                     January 2013

CMS                                                                                                  Expired

CHS                                                   Entry                                     March 2015
CLC                                                   Merit                                     June 2015

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grant Opportunities

Fuel Up To Play 60
A grant program through the Oregon Dairy Council that offers up to $4,000 for healthy eating and physical activity promotions.

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation
Grants of up to $1500 to support conservation projects, conservation education, and community events promoting natural resources conservation.

Umpqua Bank Community Giving
Focused on Youth development and education, The Arts, and Community development

Contact Julie Mack for more grant ideas.

Parklane is getting a new Water Fountain!

Parklane will have there new  chilled, filter, hands-free bottle filling water fountain installed in the next couple of weeks.  This fountain was purchased from CPPW grant funds.  Maintenance was REALLY busy over the summer and they all work very hard to make our schools, grounds, and jobs much nicer.  After Parklane, Oliver, CHS, and BC will have their fountains installed.  Thanks Maintenance for all your hard work.  

Bring a water bottle and enjoy!

Community Gardens in Centennial?!

We are working on it!  Centennial Learning Center and Oliver Elementary are working on community garden  projects in partnership with Portland Parks and Rec.  We are still in the site assessment phase but are hoping to create garden space at both schools for the community and the schools to use.  This will be a long process   and I really appreciate everyone's participation and support.  Stay tuned for updates!
For more school garden information, you can check out Growing Gardens. Growing gardens offers a School   Garden Coordinator Certification course that helps schools create, maintain, and sustain successful school gardens.  
Wellness Committee Updates

Centennial's District Wellness Committee had their first meeting of the 2012-13 school year.  Organic Fresh Foods presented to the WC their selection of locally, scratch made entrees.  They are an organization from Salem that creates entrees specifically for school lunches and meet the required protein and grain servings.  

The WC is working with Dining Services to offer Organic Fresh Fingers' entrees during school lunch everyday!!  This will be a vegetarian option for students and staff everyday.  The items that we are planning to include during lunch are: lasagna, black bean enchilada, mac-n-cheese (made with half the fat and a white bean puree, so good), fettuccine alfredo, egg fried rice, mozzerella pasta bake, and pizza bagels.  

The Wellness Committee is focusing on creating more nutritious, vegetarian, locally made entrees to our schools menu to encourage both staff and students to try new healthy foods.  The changes will happen in October, so keep an eye out and try a school lunch!
Sample Bake

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A great story about new fruit and veggie options during school meals!

Healthier School Lunches

Keep a eye out for the new options and Harvest of the Month promotions during meal times!