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Create a food rainbow! The more colorful our fruits and veggies, the more nutritious. Have students try for three colors during lunch!

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Wellness Policy Approved

On Wednesday, March 9, the Centennial School Board approved a new wellness policy created by the district's Wellness Committee.  Some policy highlights are:
  • school meal programs will be designed to feature fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods from local sources to the greatest extent possible
  • Fundraising efforts will be supportive of healthy eating
  • Food should not be used as discipline or motivation in class (can be used as part of a celebration, if it includes healthy choices)
  • at least 50% of PE time be devoted to physical activity
  • staff will not use physical activity (running laps, pushups) as punishment
  • schools will have access to free clean and safe drinking water at all facilities 
To see the entire policy follow this link:  Centennial Wellness Policy

Meet Julie Mack- New Healthy Active Schools Coordinator

Hello everyone.  Katie Cadigan had to leave her position as HAS Coordinator. Thanks for ALL your hard work Katie!  I have taken over her position and am excited to continue her work. 

A bit about me:  I have worked for Centennial School District since 2005, teaching for two years at Centennial Learning Center as the Health and PE teacher and working as an Educational Assistant. I graduated from Evergreen State College in Community Health and Education, and went on to Concordia University and received a Masters In Art of Teaching with an endorsement in PE and Health. My health secrets are northwest fruit (especially blueberries with soymilk), riding my bike, and I take a boxing class at Dishman Community Center.  I believe that when we feel good, we are happy, productive, caring people.  I want healthy environments and access to health resources to be a way of life for everyone. 
Stay tuned for updates, info, resources, and news!