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Create a food rainbow! The more colorful our fruits and veggies, the more nutritious. Have students try for three colors during lunch!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Working On Wellness Updates

The Employee Wellness grant from OEA Choice Trust has been funded for another year! We will continue our activity classes, financial wellness, and nutrition resources.  Your WOW committee is working hard to continue supporting you at work as well as to create new ways to support your wellness at work! 

WOW Class Schedule
Yoga Fit 4-5 pm       (Instructor: Karen)           Starts: Jan.  25th    Upstairs FOX Team Area

 Water Aerobics
CHS Pool
$4 drop in fee
Gentle Yoga for care-givers  4-5 pm                       (Instructor: Caitlin)          Starts: Jan 12th       Music Room
 Water Aerobics
CHS Pool
$4 drop in fee

Weight Watchers 6:30-7:00 am      Community Room
Zumba 4:15-5:15  pm (Instructor: Victoria)       Starts: Jan. 11                Oliver Gym

Open Basketball 4:15-6:30                               Oliver Gym

Yoga Fit 4-5 pm (Instructor: Karen)   Music Room              Starts: January 21st 

Other classes that will be offered soon:
Financial Wellness Classes                      series of 2-3
Nutrition Classes                                         series of 2-3 classes
Understanding Trauma and the Brain                                           series of 3 @ Parklane
To find out more:  Check out the Healthy Happenings blog on the District Intranet under Other Info.  Check in with your building WOW Representative.  Keep an eye out for the Winter 2016 WOW newsletter in your box!

Upcoming All Staff February Challenge:  Are your New Year’s Resolution starting to lose their luster?  Do you need a small wellness jump start?  Each week through February, chose a simple wellness goal to track and submit your completed card to your building WOW rep for a weekly drawing and for a district drawing!  5 Chances to win and the District winners will receive a fit bit or a massage gift certificate.  Keep an eye on your mailbox for your Personal Wellness Challenge Card.

Weight Watchers enrollment is happening now:  Join us at CHS between 6:30 and 7 am in the community room on Friday January 22nd to sign up.  Just bring your OEBB insurance card. If you cannot make it, contact Julie Mack to get more information. 

Any questions, ideas, or comments, please contact your building rep or Julie Mack @ Julie_mack@csd28j.org or 971-533-9958 .  Thanks everyone and take care of you!