5 minute Activities!!!

Create a food rainbow! The more colorful our fruits and veggies, the more nutritious. Have students try for three colors during lunch!

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Impact of Local Purchasing

Los Angels Unified School Districts has made purchasing local a priority with positive impacts felt from farmers to workers to school children.  LA has even defined local as within 200 miles!  It is great to see how ensuring healthy foods for kids can also ensure a healthy economy for all.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Centennial gets a shout out from Multco Health Department

Centennial is celebrating some great Wellness successes and the It Starts Here Campaign is highlighting Centennial's hard work in an article they published this week.  There are also some great resources about healthy eating and active living on the site.

Staff Fitness!! Let get in shape together

Fitness Opportunities for Centennial Employees

Looking for a way to get in shape?  Here are three opportunities for Centennial employees:

• Tuesdays (starting Nov 5)– Yoga/Pilates from 3:30@4:30 at CHS.  This class has a $5 fee for each
session (cash or check). Bring a mat (if you have one), water bottle, and towel.  We will meet in
the community room for our first session.

• Wednesdays – Zumba from 3:45@4:45 at Butler Creek.  This class has a $5 fee for each session
(cash or check). The class is taught by Toni Hartshorn and will be in the gym.

• Thursdays (starting'Oct'31)– Fitness class from 3:15@4:15 a CHS.  This class will be FREE and
taught by Ms. Shoda, thanks to our SUN program!!

The Tuesday class can vary in focus depending on interest of' those attending.  Everyone is welcome to

Monday, October 21, 2013

Centennial Wellness Committee

The WC is working on some great new projects within the district to help us met our 2013-14 goals.  Our goals this year are:

·      Wellness Committee visibility and communication within schools and the community
·      Staff Wellness Promotion

·      Healthy Eating education, its impact on chronic diseases such as Diabetes, and continued healthy eating promotions
·      District and Community resources for physical activity, healthy foods, clinics, and events.

Butler Creek and CHS are looking at how to provide more staff wellness opportunities through an after school workout group.  Are you interested in being part of a staff exercise group? Are you interested in teaching one?  Let the WC know!  We would love your help and support in creating a healthy, happy staff!

Dining Services Present: Local Lunches!

Centennial was awarded $84,393.45 (WOW!) to continue the Farm to School program serving local Oregon foods twice a month in our cafeterias.  We are creating scratch-cooked lunches that feature low processed, whole foods with a focus on yummy healthy lunches for students and staff.  This is a TWO year program so keep and eye out for new lunches served in a cafeteria near you!

To help educate students around the importance of healthy foods, learning cooking skills, or learning how food grows through hands on gardening projects,  the FArm to School grant has funds available for teachers!  If you have ideas or need help with food or garden-based educational opportunities, please contact Julie Mack to utilize grant funds!

Local Lunch Dates

·      October 2nd                        Cheese Ravioli with Organic Pears

·      October 16th                        Baked Chicken breast

·      November 6th                        All natural Hamburgers

·      November 20th                        Herb Crusted Fish

·      December 11th                        Baked Fried Rice with Orange Chicken

·      January 8th                             Cheese Ravioli

·      January 29th                                    TBD

·      February 12th                                Baked Chicken Breast

·      March 5th                                BBQ Turkey Sloppy Joes

·      March 19th                               Beef Stir Fry

·      April 16th                                 Herb Crusted Fish

·      April 30th                                         Baked Fried Rice with Orange Chicken

·      May 21st                                    BBQ Turkey Sloppy Joes

·      June 4th                                     All Natural Cheeseburger

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getting Ready for Back to School?

Here are some healthy ideas for classroom celebrations!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Articles Highlighting Centennial's Farm to School Program

Centennial is Loving Local Lunches

Every Wednesday starting on March 6, Dining Services has been creating a new lunch entrĂ©e that features healthy, fresh, local ingredients.  We have tried all natural chicken breast in a panko parmesan coating, amazing asparagus, local beef from GrassKickin Farms, cod filets from Flying Fish company and local natural turkey form Willamette Valley meat company and Grasskickin farms, Oregon red potatoes and lots more!  We have tried 5 new entrees and if you missed them the first time we are serving them all one more time! 

o   April 17 – All natural chicken breast in a panko Parmesan breading served with roasted asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes, and Oregon pear. All natural chicken breast form Willamette Valley Meat.

o   April 24 – Baked fish filet served with lemon and seasonings, served with roasted OR red potatoes.  Local, sustainable seafood from Flying Fish Co.

o   May 1 – Beef Stroganoff served with a spinach salad.  Beef from our local farmer, Farmer Shane, at Grasskickin Farms.

o   May 8 – New fashioned all natural white meat Turkey meatloaf.  Served in a muffin-style for easy eatin. 

o   May 15 – Turkey lo mien with snap peas. All natural turkey from Grasskickin Farms. 

Some entrees may change slightly as the growing season changes!  Our Harvest of the Month special for April is Oregon red potatoes and Oregon Pears.  Our Harvest for the Month for May will be Local berries! 

To encourage students to also learn about the growing process and nutrition behind the new lunches, Dining Services has been holding a poster contest for students, classes, and clubs who create posters highlighting healthy foods they love.  Classes and clubs that submit will receive a raised bed garden kit fir their school’s use with gardening compost, soil, and tool support from the ODE grant funds!  This poster contest ends soon so send your submissions to Julie Mack at CMS.  The posters will be used for nutrition promotions throughout the District. 

Keep your eyes open for new menu options and nutrition promotions coming soon to a school near you. Tell you Cafeteria staff thanks for all their amazing work and have a great Local Lunch!