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Create a food rainbow! The more colorful our fruits and veggies, the more nutritious. Have students try for three colors during lunch!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Annual Wellness Policy Assessment

The Wellness Committee conducted their annual assessment of the wellness policy across Centennial to the School Board on March 8th.  Centennial schools have been supporting student and staff wellness in so many amazing ways! To list just a few:

  • The positive impacts of full time PE at all Elementary schools
  • Taking movement breaks for both staff and students to play, walk, and talk together.
  • $1500 Grant awards from NW Health Foundation/LEt's Move Active Schools for View, Wood, OE, & PL and $3000 for Meadows!!
  • Parklane came in First Place for the October Fire Up Your Feet Challenge winning $2500
  • CMS came in third in the Fire Up Your Feet Challenge winning $1000
  • CHS has brand new cafeteria serving bars that allow ALL students to get a full salad and to move through the line quickly.
  • Over 12,000 Farm to School Meals have been served for lunch that feature a main entree of a locally sourced meat and local fruits and veggies!!
We also found a few areas that Centennial needs to focus on for the upcoming school year to better support our students and staff.  
  • Always offer a health food option during a classroom celebration. Pizza parties are great but put out a bowl of carrots or apples to give another option (or maybe just have extra recess!)
  • A K-6th grade Health Curriculum
  • Resources for staff to better understand working with trauma informed practices
  • Supporting our hard-working staff with at-work wellness opportunites from the WOW committee!
Thank you Centennial for all that you do everyday!

See the full presentation with the assessments here: