5 minute Activities!!!

Create a food rainbow! The more colorful our fruits and veggies, the more nutritious. Have students try for three colors during lunch!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Oliver and Parklane Walking School Bus!

Oliver and Parklane have been working with Portland Active Transportation Department to look at how safe our neighborhoods are for our students walking and playing.  We identified areas that needed improvement and made a list of projects that The Active Transportation Department will work on for us to improve the safety of our neighborhoods! The full repot is on the District website on the Healthy Happenings page. 

One major concern that parents had was students walking to school that lived within a mile.  If a student is within a mile of school, they are not able to talk the school bus.   A mile may not seem like a lot but on a cold or rainy day it can be far!  Parents often need to walk with their student to ensure safety and this can be tough for a parent who works, has small children at home, or just cannot walk to and from school everyday.  We are hope to help students walk to school safely, together, and require less adult supervision by creating Walking School Buses!

Which Route do you Walk?

Help us to find three main walking routes to Oliver and Parklane.  Once we find three routes from different directions, we will mark them with signs and paint, and have Walking Bus Parties to teach students the paths and who else they can walk to school with!

1.  Where do you meet to start walking to school?          On the map, mark with an X.

2.  What time do you leave by?                                        Write off to the side of the map.

3.  On the map, trace your walking path.