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Friday, November 5, 2010

District Wellness Committee: Building Momentum

How energizing to see healthy happenings involving diverse groups of dedicated players popping up across the district! I hope everyone had a chance to read in yesterday's Cmail about the exciting "Treadmarks" program promoting physical activity for students at Pleasant Valley and Lynch Meadows Elementary Schools

Health is happening at the district level as well: This past Wednesday, 15 people from the Centennial community joined together to revive the district wellness committee. And what an enthusiastic and motivated group of parents, faculty, administrators, directors, and supervisors; the committee is eager to meet not once more, but TWICE more during this very busy time between now and winter break! Students - we are eager to involve you in this wellness work, so if you're interested in joining the committee or just learning more about wellness in your school, let me know! The committee welcomes ideas and feedback from the greater Centennial community.

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