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Friday, September 23, 2011

Wellness Policy Updates

The Wellness Policy updates are located in the Student Handbook on page 16. 

"Our Wellness Policy has been updated to address the changing health needs and concerns of our students, and to add choices by making sure that healthier options are available for everyone who wants them.  With a focus on more nutritious foods and increased opportunities for physical activity, new additions to the policy include:
* Fundraisers – schools can earn money without compromising the health of students, staff, and families, with projects that sell popular foods like fresh fruits, with traditional fundraisers that are activity based such as “Run For the Arts”, or by selling useful items like wrapping paper or magazines.
* Meal times – schools will work to make the healthier option the easier option for students by offering and promoting more choices in the cafeteria, and reducing competition from less nutritious foods like chips and sports drinks.  
* In the classroom – choices will be available when the school provides food at a celebration, for example if there are cupcakes for a party, a healthy option like fresh cut fruit will be offered as well. Also, food will not be used as a reward or motivation (such as a bribe for good behavior).
* Physical Activity – research shows that students who move, stretch, or engage in learning activities in the classroom also have better academic and behavioral outcomes. Physical activity will be promoted throughout the school day to encourage students to enjoy movement and exercise.
* Drinking water – because water is an essential nutrient and one of the healthiest beverage options, the new policy states that students and staff will have access to fresh drinking water throughout the school day, including in the cafeteria. 

We are proud of these new guidelines and thankful for the volunteers on the Centennial Wellness Committee who helped put them together. The new Wellness Policy will be reviewed every year by the Superintendent and the district Wellness Committee, and will be communicated for the benefit of students and staff. "

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