5 minute Activities!!!

Create a food rainbow! The more colorful our fruits and veggies, the more nutritious. Have students try for three colors during lunch!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wellness Committee Updates

Centennial's District Wellness Committee had their first meeting of the 2012-13 school year.  Organic Fresh Foods presented to the WC their selection of locally, scratch made entrees.  They are an organization from Salem that creates entrees specifically for school lunches and meet the required protein and grain servings.  

The WC is working with Dining Services to offer Organic Fresh Fingers' entrees during school lunch everyday!!  This will be a vegetarian option for students and staff everyday.  The items that we are planning to include during lunch are: lasagna, black bean enchilada, mac-n-cheese (made with half the fat and a white bean puree, so good), fettuccine alfredo, egg fried rice, mozzerella pasta bake, and pizza bagels.  

The Wellness Committee is focusing on creating more nutritious, vegetarian, locally made entrees to our schools menu to encourage both staff and students to try new healthy foods.  The changes will happen in October, so keep an eye out and try a school lunch!
Sample Bake