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Friday, November 8, 2013

Staff Fitness!! Let get in shape together

Fitness Opportunities for Centennial Employees

Looking for a way to get in shape?  Here are three opportunities for Centennial employees:

• Tuesdays (starting Nov 5)– Yoga/Pilates from 3:30@4:30 at CHS.  This class has a $5 fee for each
session (cash or check). Bring a mat (if you have one), water bottle, and towel.  We will meet in
the community room for our first session.

• Wednesdays – Zumba from 3:45@4:45 at Butler Creek.  This class has a $5 fee for each session
(cash or check). The class is taught by Toni Hartshorn and will be in the gym.

• Thursdays (starting'Oct'31)– Fitness class from 3:15@4:15 a CHS.  This class will be FREE and
taught by Ms. Shoda, thanks to our SUN program!!

The Tuesday class can vary in focus depending on interest of' those attending.  Everyone is welcome to

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