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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It is time for our Spring Activity Challenge: Fire Up Your Feet

The WOW Employee Wellness Committee has partnered with Fire Up Your Feet for our May activity challenge.  

The challenge is open for both Individual Staff and for whole school participation.  All staff can sign up to track their activity May 1- 31st  and the top three will win a fit bit or a massage gift certificates! 

Schools with the top levels of participation for staff and students could win up to $2000 to increase wellness throughout their school!  Staff, students, and families are all invited to join!

What counts for the activity tracking:
· PE class
· BrainBreaks
· Treadmarks
· Jog-A-thons
· walking to school
· weekend activity
· walking your dog
· staff yoga/zumba classes
· walking or running groups
· ANY Activity counts!! Just get up and move!

This is a challenge for both staff and students to log ALL activity both at school and at home for prizes and incentives.  Track for yourself, family, or for a whole group!

How to get started:
1.     Register at http://or.fireupyourfeet.org/
2.     Add groups participants  http://or.fireupyourfeet.org/tracker/activity
3.     Log activity!


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