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Friday, March 14, 2014

Centennial's Community Gardens are Open!!

On March 1st, Portland Parks and Rec officially opened the Community Gardens located at Centennial Park School and Oliver/Parklane.  It was a cold Saturday to gather outside but a lot of gardeners were ready to pick their plots and start gardening.  The CPS garden is already full with the OL/PL garden filling up quickly!

Superintendent Breyer was in attendance to dedicate the new gardens and Commissioner Fritz attended the OL/PL garden.  Each garden has space dedicated for the school's use and students will be able to do  hands on learning activities.  Tools and supplies were paid for by the Farm to School grant funds but Portland Nursery helped donate some items and gave us a community discount.  The Gardens were paid for by a generous grant from East Multnomah Soil and Water with funds being matched by Portland Parks and Rec.

Centennial's Community Gardens are numbers 49 and 50 for Parks and Rec and the furthest east.  Thanks everyone for all of your hard work and have a great growing season!!

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