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Monday, November 16, 2015

Fire Up Your Feet School Winners!!!

Congrats CMS and we will let you know the Winners of the Staff challenge later this week!!!
Congratulations and thank you for tracking your physical activity along with thousands of students, families and school staff at schools across the country during the Fire Up Your Feet Fall 2015 Activity Challenge. In Oregon, we are pleased to present Challenge Awards to the following schools:
School NameCityAward SummaryAward Total
Alameda Elementary SchoolPortlandJump In!$250
Beaumont Middle SchoolPortlandJump In!$250
Cascade Middle SchoolBendFire Up Your Walk to School$500
Centennial Middle SchoolPortlandReady, Set, Go!$250
Centennial Middle SchoolPortlandSchool Staff Award$250
Central Point Elementary SchoolCentral PointReady, Set, Go!$250
Elk Meadow Elementary SchoolBendPeopleForBikes$500
Elk Meadow Elementary SchoolBendSecond Place$1,000
Guy Lee Elementary SchoolSpringfieldReady, Set, Go!$250
Malabon Elementary SchoolEugeneThird Place$500
Oak Elementary SchoolLinnThird Place$500
Rogue River Elementary SchoolRogue RiverFirst Place$2,000
Sams Valley Elementary SchoolCentral PointSecond Place$1,000
Scotts Mills Elementary SchoolScotts MillsThird Place$500
Washington Elementary SchoolSalemFire Up Your Walk to School$500
Washington Elementary SchoolMedfordFire Up Your Walk to School$500
Woodmere Elementary SchoolPortlandSecond Place$1,000

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