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Create a food rainbow! The more colorful our fruits and veggies, the more nutritious. Have students try for three colors during lunch!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nutrition & Cooking Classes
Have you wondered into the staff lounge just to check if there were snacks on the tables?  Need some supports around how to eat better throughout your busy workday and on the go? Check out these FREE classes! Class will be hosted at Centennial Park School from 4-5pm.  Snacks and taste tests are provided and bring a friend, spouse, or children! RSVP to Julie_mack@centennial.k12.or.us for one or all the classes and space is limited to 30 people for each class!

April 16th    Feed Your Brain: Nutrition for Concentration and Focus
Is your brain starved for better nutrition? Do you find it hard to concentrate or focus? Do you feel irritable or moody for no discernible reason? Are you absentminded or suffer from periodic brain fog? Then this class is for you. Learn the secrets of a better brain at any age.

April 30th    Probiotics: Because Whole Body Health Begins in Your Gut
I am your gut bacteria; you might be shocked to hear this, but I influence how every part of your body works: how easily you lose (or gain) weight, how your immune system functions, even your ability to focus. Knowing which supplements are essential for keeping me (and you!) healthy is easy if you attend
this class.

May 7th      Where to Start to Love Your Heart:
Taking care of your heart doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by uncovering some common heart care myths, and then begin your journey toward heart health with 3 simple dietary strategies and three supplements that will pump up your heart health.

May 14th     Cooking Demo - Health by Chocolate: Indulge and be well
Hooray! Chocolate can actually be good for us. Taste the quality and learn how to use chocolate to enhance your food ...and your health.
         Cooking Demo - The Primal Smoothie: Healthy and Delicious      
                             Nutrition On the Go
Smoothies are a great way to start your day or provide nutrition on the go. They can also be used to dramatically increase the nutrient density of your diet, every day. Smoothie recipes are easy and only require four easy steps. Supercharge your smoothie for personalized health benefits!

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